Making The First Bite Worth It

If it is your first time eating sushi, it is important you only patronize a reputable sushi restaurant. Apart from this, before you begin your search for restaurants that offer sushi near me, there are certain basics you should know about. This way, you can be sure of not having your first experience ruined. More so, you don’t want to fall sick out of eating poorly prepared sushi. Here are some of the things you should know prior to ordering your sushi. They are as follows:

  • Know The Different Kinds: When it comes to sushi, there are different kinds which ranges from nigiri to maki, sashimi, temaki, and others. The nigiri is a dish of oval-shaped balls of rice topped with slices of raw fish. Oftentimes, your nigiri is seasoned with some amount of wasabi and topped off with soy sauce before it is served. The maki is a sort of rolled up sushi that contains one or two types of fish, a mix of vegetables, rice, and roasted seaweed. They are rolled up and then cut into bite-sized portions. Sashimi is just plain slices of raw fish that are usually served without any rice or other accompanying dish. Temaki is just like maki, the difference being that the ingredients are rolled up into cone shapes.
  • Watch Out For Quality: Before you place that order for sushi near me, you should know that sushi is more expensive than most dishes you have ordered or eaten. This is especially because of the attention that goes into its preparation – making sure that only fresh and good quality seafood is used and ensuring that the meals are prepared under extreme hygienic conditions. So, if any potential restaurants are offering sushi at an incredibly low price, it might not be the right quality. Except they are offering discounts, promos, or rewards.
  • Understand The Condiments: When it comes to eating sushi, there are certain condiments that go along with it. One of these condiments is wasabi. It has the natural form and the artificial form. It usually accompanies your nigiri and maki. Another condiment you should know about is pickled ginger. These are usually served in any sushi near me as thin white or pink slices, just by the side of the plate. This is what you use to cleanse your palate between each sushi bite. Soy sauce is another condiment you will definitely not miss for the sushi that requires dips. This is poured into a shallow dish in which you dip your sushi before you take a bite.
  • Observe The Basic Sushi Eating Etiquettes: Now you are wondering what this is all about. It is important that before you start eating your sushi, you should properly clean your hands. This is important if you are opting for temaki. Although most of the time, your sushi is eaten with chopsticks but you never know when you might need to assist the chop stick with your hands.

If you are still delaying to order for sushi near me, the time to do so is now. If you are served well-seasoned and fresh sushi, all you need is just one bite to convince you that you have been missing a lot. Let’s go eat some sushi, now.