Making The Most Of Mexican Restaurants Near Me

If you are yet to taste Mexican food, then you are definitely missing out on some of the best international cuisines. With the search for Mexican restaurants near me, you can be sure of getting one that is close to your office, school, or home. You will surely be the envy of your colleagues the moment the parcel containing your delicately wrapped burrito, cup of salsa and sour cream arrives. Don’t worry about that though because the tortilla chips and dip that comes with the main dish will keep them off your meal.

Most Mexican meals are loaded with heaps upon heaps of calories but that depends mostly on your preference. Apart from the enchiladas and the tempting sauce-splattered burritos, there are lots of other meals and variations that are lean and healthier than most people who order from Mexican restaurants near me know. From sautéed vegetables to grilled meats, there are numerous flavorful Mexican meals for you to choose from. Here are tips to help you choose wisely when it comes to eating the Mexican way. They are as follows:

  • Don’t Eat Up All The Chips: Most of the ordered Mexican dishes come as large servings, including the chips. It is not compulsory that you have to finish up the chips. In order to ensure that you don’t overload yourself with far more calories than your body needs, take the time to take reasonable serving from the chips basket or bag. Between eight and twelve is enough for one serving. Take your time to eat the chips and savor the flavor and texture and sure enough, it will fill you up.
  • Go For Healthier Substitutes: If you simply can’t resist eating up that bag of chips you just ordered from a Mexican restaurants near me all by yourself, then reduce the temptation by going for tostadas. Unlike your fried chips that usually come with glutinous toppings, your tostada is just a crispy tortilla with healthy toppings like veggies, beans, salsa, and grilled chicken. The crunchiness is almost the same.
  • Go For Smaller Sized Portions: The only time a giant burrito will do you a lot of good is if you have company. This way, you don’t get to down all those piled up calories alone. If you are to eat alone, it is better to place an order for fajitas. It is an option that allows you to eat your tortilla, but now in smaller size, along with sautéed vegetables and savory meats.
  • Use Less Of Creamy Condiments: You don’t necessarily have to laden your meal from the Mexican restaurants near me with fat-filled condiments before you can enjoy it. So, instead of sour cream, you should try squeezing the juice of fresh cilantro or lime over your meal. If well planned, you can add slices of avocado if you desire some creaminess. With the unique taste you get, you might not be asking for sour cream in a long while.
  • Limit Consumption Of Meals With Ground Beef: This is a big culprit when it comes to hidden calories. Instead of ground beef, a healthier option is grilled steak since it has lower fat content and lesser calories.

With Mexican food, it is very easy to over indulge. So, the next time you think of ordering from any of the Mexican restaurants near me, try out the a la carte menu and you will be thrilled to have a bite of almost everything you love in Mexican foods without over indulging.

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