How to choose good restaurant for a first date

Many are the times when I find myself asking this question , especially when I  am in  early  stage of any  relationship, whether a business relationship or dating someone  and I don’t want any bad impression to happen on first date. Choosing the best restaurant for my first date is not that simple, especially when looking for restaurants near me. I need to consider some few things before making that choice. Restaurants near me offer a lot that can be admired, when you look at the menu, but that does not guarantee them that I will choose it.

Some of the restaurants near me are one of the best that can be found in this town, offering best food and drinks and having great customer service, but that does not mean that I will only consider the service and food, there is a lot to look for when I am meeting someone who has the potential to be my wife in future.


Music plays a big role in choosing dating restaurant

The music that plays in that restaurants near me matters a lot. Music can be exciting when having a dinner. It can make a date be so romantic and you find the flow of conversation is at ease. I always consider music first before any other thing. This is because, music will set the tone of our conversation. It will make me know which restaurants near me, I will always go at different states of my moods and time also. When I am dating a lady for the first time, I will choose restaurants near me, based on which plays the best love songs well. Music that makes a lady think about love will definitely help me. It will make us bond easily and make it easy for us to get into romantic mood.


Choosing the location of a restaurant

Location is very important when I am making a choice of restaurants near me. I will make considerations. When I am just from work, and restaurants near me are convenient to both of us, I will make choice on convenience of us two. This is one way to make sure that both of us won’t struggle getting to the restaurant and kick starting the date. Most of time I find myself choosing restaurants near me based on the location where the person I am meeting is very conversant with or near to her. I would rather get to her, than her getting to where I am. I find it being romantic and caring. It impresses her that I can do everything to find her and take care of her in her most convenient restaurant. This makes dating easy and no bad impression on first date.


How to choose restaurant based on food offered

Food that restaurants near me offers matters a lot. I would find it wise to first ask my date on the king of food she likes. With this, I will choose which restaurants near me offer that kind of food. It will be embarrassing for me to find out that food I am requesting to be served. It is not offered. It will be a heartbreaking and time costly to move from one restaurant to another looking for the restaurant that offers certain food. I always enquire the kind of foods offered by restaurants near me before going there. I make sure I taste the food before the actual meeting to avoid embarrassment on the due date.


Price matters on choosing restaurant

I don’t break a bank to impress. I will choose the restaurants near me that are not above my budget but offer good services, food and classy also. It will be bad to go to a cheap restaurant, which is dirty for the first date. I will consider few factor regarding price and quality of services offered. This will help me to choose the best restaurants near me which is better for me and does not make me feel like have spent all my money on bad service.


Choose a restaurant based on Atmosphere and surroundings

Comfortable place for both of us is what matters when choosing the first date restaurant. When one feels confident about himself, he or she gets to show his or her true self. When I want a cool, quiet environment that is conducive for us two, I will choose restaurants near me that are in outskirts of the town, but are great, having good service and quality food and music. When time is not factored in, I can move to far away from town, where dating can be romantic and the feeling of responsibilities is not making s not to concentrate on the date.  When one is outskirts, you will feel that no one is watching and it is only you and her that really matters. Surroundings matters a lot when it comes to dating. Just people who know you are around, it will be very hard for you to make some decisions, but when you are away from people who are close to you, you will find that being yourself is easy.

I always get amazed by restaurants near me that have places for sports and games that makes the dating couple getting physical together.  It is such a great feeling to do some games together and get to know each of kind of fun each one wants. I admire a lot on games that help us know different character of a person.  Doing bowling together in restaurants near me is one way to create that touch. Even pool table will help a lot. I always want to create a great bond when playing some games. You get to know the other partner more when playing games.

Dating for the first time is hard to predict the outcome, but I always follow these factors and I don’t get embarrassed. If restaurants near me won’t bring the comfort I want, then I would rather find the best in outskirts that makes the first date worthy remembering.

How to choose good restaurant near me for a first date