Chinese Restaurants Near Me : Eating Healthy Is Up To You

If you are one of those who enjoy dining out but conscious of your health and what type of meals you consume, eating at any of the Chinese restaurants near me might seem like a scary adventure since you don’t want to engorge your stomach with unhealthy meals. If this is what has been stopping you from dining at that Chinese restaurant you read about within your vicinity, here are tips that would help you consume healthy meals while there. They are as follows:

  • Have Some Tea: Most of the Chinese restaurants offer teas in one or more variations. Whether it is green tea or black tea, you should try to have some. This is especially because tea is a great antioxidant and as such, will help rid your body system of any free-radicals that might be ravaging your system. It helps to keep artery damage, nervous breakdowns and high blood-sugar levels at bay. Yes, makes sure to have some tea.
  • Use Chopsticks Instead Of Fork: If you are not familiar with chopsticks, you have to learn to use them as you start eating at any of the Chinese restaurants near me. The reason you are advised to eat with chopsticks is that it will help you to eat slowly and at the same time, you don’t get to eat up all the fat-based sauce that came with your meals.
  • Consume Less Of Sweet And Sour Sauces: One good way to avoid these sauces is by ordering meals that hardly need them. If you order for crispy orange beef or lemon chicken, you are invariably asking for some portion of sweet and sour sauces. Usually high in sugar and fat content, it is not a healthy option for you.
  • Eat Less Rice: Since the more rice you eat when dining out at any of the Chinese restaurants near me, the more your blood sugar goes up, you should eat less rice. Instead, consume more of meals based mainly on veggies and various proteins. For extra fiber, you should opt for brown rice instead of white rice.
  • Mind Your Entrees: Eggplant entrees at Chinese restaurants can be very tempting but if you consider the fact that you will be loading up not less than 1000 calories with one eggplant dish in garlic sauce, then it would be better for you to opt for a more nutritious meal. Based on this, your focus should be more on mixed veggies and beef.
  • Go For Steamed Instead Of Fried: Although fried egg rolls might seem more appealing to the eyes, spring rolls will be more appealing to your body system. While the eggrolls contain up to 200 calories each, the spring rolls are at 100 calories each. More so, the eggrolls contain saturated fat while the spring rolls don’t.

Eating healthy at any of the Chinese restaurants near me is a choice you have to make on your own. With the above listed tips, you can see it is possible to eat at a Chinese restaurant without loading up on calories. Make a wise choice now.

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