How to Choose a Top-Quality Nail Salon

If you are asking yourself,  » How do I find the best nail salons near me? » you have come to the right place.  We’ll dig into what the highest quality nail salons have, different types of places to get your nails done, and what kind of salon is right for you.

What Should the Best Nail Salons Near Me Offer?

Only top-quality nail salons will offer the best technicians, services, quality, cleanliness, and amenities.  When choosing a salon, it is crucial to research locations in your area before you visit. Referrals are a great way to find the best nail technicians and prices.  If you can’t get a decent referral, try looking around online.  Read reviews and websites, ask friends, keep an eye out for new establishments.  Be sure to look for these eight things during your investigation.

Technicians Who Listen

This is of utmost importance, because a manicure isn’t worth the money you paid if you aren’t happy with the results.  There is nothing more frustrating than receiving service from someone who doesn’t listen to you or ignores you.  They are your nails after all, and you are paying good money to get them done.  You should feel comfortable enough with your technician to let them know when you’re not happy so you don’t miss out on anything.

Superior Disinfection Practices

This is also incredibly important, because it is imperative that tools be disinfected properly if they’re to be reused.  Salon sanitation practices are regulated to some degree, and it is important to know if the salon you choose follows those regulations.  Unfortunately, low prices hoist a big red flag here.  If a salon can afford to go so low, they must cut costs somewhere.  Usually this is done in the disinfectant and sanitation arena.

Technicians Who Wear Gloves  

Unfortunately, this is not as common a practice as it should be.  A recent survey by NAILS magazine showed that only 17 percent of its participants wore gloves while working.  Gloves help to protect against bacteria transference during a manicure or pedicure.  Who wants to deal with a nail infection after paying for a manicure or pedicure?

A Clean Floor, Bathroom and Workstations

Sanitation practices can tell you a lot about a place.  If you visit a salon with a dirty floor and bathroom, you are likely to be pretty turned off.  Work space sanitation is also incredibly important for the health of both the clients and technicians.  Pay attention to this in online reviews especially, people tend to mention unsanitary conditions.

Good Communication

Salons should be open about the products and chemicals they are using on you.  If a salon doesn’t display their products on their website or readily tell you about them over the phone, steer clear. A strong odor coming from a nail salon or a reluctance to tell you about their products is a pretty good indication they are using something potentially harmful.  Resist the urge to use salons like this, regardless of their prices.

Tech That Won’t Cause Pain

Who wants to be hurt during what should be a relaxing experience? Nobody, that’s who.  Manicures and pedicures are all about pampering yourself, not inflicting pain.  While a technician may occasionally slip up and injure a finger, they should not be causing you pain throughout the treatment.  You want to relax, not go home bleeding.  Subjects like this will often come up in reviews as well, so read carefully, and if a technician does hurt you, be sure to let them know.

Top-notch Amenities

Whether it’s a complimentary foot massage or a glass of wine, nice things are nice when you’re pampering yourself.  Only the very best salons will offer lots of amenities or benefits to their customers, and they are usually able to afford them.  If you are short on cash, this might not be the best place for you, but remember that you can still get excellent quality and service without all the extras.  If you can afford it, take full advantage of all these wonderful places offer.  They offer the best products and service you can get.

The latest Nail Technology and Designs

There’s nothing worse than overpaying for something that’s out of style.  If you’ve ever realize that the person who’s doing your nails is trapped in the past, you know they’re keeping your nails with them.  While you may not be looking for a place that offers an autoclave or those fish who nibble your feet, you want to choose a nail salon near « me » that keeps abreast of the industry at the very least.  Sometimes it is amazing how fast the technology and trends progress, and it is nice to have someone who will tell you about the biggest and newest advances for nails.

Choosing the Right Nail Salons Near Me

Not all nail salons are created equally, and finding the best nail salon near me can be tricky.  Some have better hours than others, some have great prices but lower quality, some offer everything in one place, but may be too far away to be practical.  If its the latest nail technology and the hottest designs you’re after, you may have to travel a little farther, depending on where you live.  When you want the best amenities, you may have to pay extra to get them.  If value’s the name of your game, you may have to sacrifice other things on your list.  The same goes for hours.   You might have to visit a salon with higher prices for later or weekend hours.  Want to fully pamper yourself?  Again, you might have to pay more at an establishment that offers full spa services like waxing, hair, massages and facials.

Choosing the best nail salon is all up to your preferences, but keep in mind you may not always be able to get everything you want all the time.  When looking for « the best nail salons near me », remember, you’re the one in control.

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