Internet is now one of human’s basic needs. We need to browse something in the internet almost every day. Like now, you are browsing about internet café near me here. However, what if you do not have computer at home to access the internet? Or are you traveling somewhere and you need to keep contact with your family? The simplest solution is the internet café. It is spread all over the town. You only need to find “internet café near me”.

How Internet Café Works

Internet café or also called cyber café is simply a place providing internet access to public. It applies time based rate fee which will be counted per minute or hour. Using internet café service is, in fact, more affordable than owning computer and buying all the software you need. Most internet café also provides snacks and drinks; hence it is called a café. The users will share the internet connection, so the speed will be slower than when you access internet by yourself at your home.

Tips for Using Internet Café

As you use shared computer and connection in the internet café near you, you need to pay attention on some matters:

  1. Bring along a USB flash drive

Do not save anything on the shared computer. Any files you send or receive have potential to be accessed by other users. If you need to upload something, take the file from your USB flash drive and directly upload it. Downloaded files should be saved directly to your USB flash drive. We do not know who else will use the computer. It is better not to leave any files in the computer.

Additionally, make sure you have installed antispyware and antivirus in your USB flash drive in prior. Losing files because of virus from internet café’s computer is annoying.

  1. Avoid logging in to personal and sensitive websites

Internet café is helpful to browse some information or keep connected through instant messenger, or even play games. However, we definitely do not recommend you to use internet café service to open personal and sensitive websites, like your internet bank account or access your personal email.

Remember, internet café is for public. If it is urgent to check your personal email, use the private or incognito browser. It will prevent your page to be seen by others or your account to be hacked. However, it is still not recommended.

  1. Turn Off the ‘Remember Me”

When you log in to any websites, there will be a choice ‘remember me’, ‘save password’, or ‘keep me signed in’. Instant messengers like Skype and Yahoo Messenger tend to keep you logged in permanently. What you need to do to protect yourself is by turning it off. Do not let the computer or browser remembering you or keeping you logged in. You have your privacy.

  1. Sign out the websites

Before your session ends, make sure you have signed out from any websites you have accessed. Once again, do not leave anything on the shared computer in internet café. Though you browsed from private browser, you still need to make sure signing out.

To be safer, you can go to the history page on your browser and delete all the history, including the cache and cookies and close the internet browser. It is to prevent anyone accessing your data. If you have done this, you can go home worry-free.

  1. Provide yourself hand sanitizer

Browsing in the internet café, you must touch at least the mouse and keyboard. The user before you did the same thing. Many people have touched them. Mouse and keyboard can be a source of germs. To keep your hygiene, you are suggested to wash your hands or use hand sanitizer afterwards.

Finding Internet Café near Me

Travelers’ guidebooks have a list of internet café near me. You can also find easily in the internet about “internet café near me”. However, I prefer walking around to find the internet café near me. By doing this, I can take a look at the environment too. Some internet cafés are designed for gamers. You do not want to be trapped inside if you are not a gamer. I also prefer the cleanest internet café near me, too. I am a little bit picky for internet café near me, so I need to check directly by myself.

Do walk and find internet café near you in the afternoon or evening. It is because some internet cafés have different open hour. When you find one, you can ask the daily open hour so you know the best time to go there. Though, there are some internet cafés near me and you which open 24 hour.

The price of the service depends on the equipment. So if you do not need high-tech equipment, you better choose an internet café near you without that high-tech equipment. But if you need to make a Skype call with your mom, internet café with microphones and headsets will be a good choice.

Internet Café near Me