Hotels Classification

Hotels can be classified according to the size, star, and location. Size refers to the number of rooms. For small hotels, they usually provide 25 rooms or less. Hotels with 26 to 99 rooms are called average hotels. Above average hotels have 100 to 299 rooms, and large hotels have more than 300 rooms. Whereas star classification is given by the committee called ‘Hotels and Restaurants Approval and Classification Committee (HRACC)’. There are one star to five star hotels. Now we also have five star deluxe and five star super deluxe hotels. Some countries may have their own terms in classifying the hotels. Like in German, they use terms such as one star hotel as Tourist, two stars hotel as Standard, three star hotel as Comfort, while First Class and Luxury are names for four and five stars hotel.

Based on location, there are hotels called as city or downtown or commercial hotels. They are located in the heart of the city. The advantage of these hotels is generally near to markets, railway station, or airport. These hotels are usually more costly than suburban hotels. While suburban hotels, which are more economical, are located in the suburb of the cities and mostly medium to small size hotels. Some of these hotels are also called budget hotels. Another kind of hotel is airport hotels. These hotels are located near the airport and often provide vans to transport guests from and to the airport.

Are Hotels Better Than Motels?

Hotels provide several services or amenities to guests, such as restaurant, swimming pool, gym, spa, etc. Most hotels also offer halls or rooms for conferences or meetings. Hotels are more suitable for business trips or meet-ups. However, it is not impossible guests travel for family trips stay in hotels for more comfortable and enjoyable rest.

On the other hand, motels are also called Motorists’ Hotels. This term is used to point out when a hotel provides ample parking. It is useful for people who frequently travel long distances. Motels are also known as transit hotels. They are usually located alongside the highways. Motels are normally more economical than hotels which travelers prefer to stay.

Therefore, if we ask whether hotels are better than motels, the answer will depend on the purpose of staying. Both hotels and motels offer different facilities, with different cost too.

Are Hotels Cheaper Last Minute?

Booking last minute is actually not recommended for your luxurious international trip you have been planned for a long time. However, it will be good for short trips, like weekend getaways. If you are flexible for your trip, you might find booking last minute can result much cheaper hotel rates. Many online sites and search tools offer last minute deals. What you need to do is research and research. If your trip is coming soon, you can go to some sites and search engines to find the best last minute booking deal and find hotels near you now.

Find Suitable Hotels near Me

There are several ways for you to find hotels suitable for you. First you have to know your purpose of staying. Is it only for a night transit, a business trip, or a family vacation? You need to know your purpose to decide which type of hotel is suitable for you. For a transit stay, you can choose motels. For a business trip, you might want hotels in the heart of the city, whereas, you will prefer suburban hotels which far from busiest area of the city for your family vacation.

Second, you can go to a tourist information center and ask the staff to find hotels near you. They will provide you with lots of information and perhaps hotel brochures. You can choose the one more suitable for you. Sometimes, tourist information center offers a service to book the hotel. You will have a chance to get voucher from them too. If your place is still too far from the center, you can ask people around you to give some recommendation of the hotels near you. Normally, they will give you some names and the direction. You need to make a list of hotel names and find the details by yourself. Don’t worry, as long as you have internet, you can get the details from where you are.

Third, you can browse on the internet <<hotels near me>> or you can also check online sites. Most of travel sites offer hotel deals. Do not only check on only one site, you need three or more sites to compare the hotels, room availability, and rates. You can try search engines like Booking, Kayak, Agoda, Lastminute, Tripadvisor, Trivago,, Expedia, or Travelocity. They may not list all the hotels, but they will compare the hotels to find the best price for popular hotels near you. You will get detail information from the sites, including the amenities and facilities.

Book the Chosen Hotel near You

Finally, when you have found some hotels, you might want to consider several things before you stay there. First, consider your budget. Do you really need the 5-star hotel? Do you need all the amenities? Will you use the facilities provided? If you are a traveler who wants to go around the city, hotel is merely place to stay. You might want to consider smaller hotel. Second, consider the location. Sometimes it is ok to spend more on the hotel to reach your destination easier, especially if you have a business trip. Third, consider the accommodations. These include your breakfast and Wi-Fi. Free breakfast and Wi-Fi usually make your stay more efficient.

As soon as you find the most suitable one, you can book the number of rooms you need. You can always do it online, or you can call the hotel, or you can directly walk in to the hotel and book. Remember to mention how many nights you are going to stay, and also ask the probability if extending your stay, in case you’ll need it.

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