Pizza Places Near Me – What You Should Know About Making Orders

If you are on the search for pizza places near me, it simply means you are among the millions of people who love eating pizza. One good thing about it is that you can easily order for pizza and have it delivered to your doorstep within a short period of time. For that time that you choose to order for your pizza over the phone, here are some tips you will find very helpful. They are as follows:

Ordering over the phone

  • Decide On What You Want: The first step towards calling in for a pizza is deciding the toppings for your pizza. You can browse the internet for recommendations on toppings. You can also order based on your taste buds. However, you should be prepared to make adjustments should it be that those pizza places near me don’t offer the toppings you want. You should also decide on the size of the pizza, number of orders you want, additional items (like soda, wings, or salad to go with the pizza, if any).
  • Make Your Call: With your decision taken, the next thing to do is put a call through to the pizza place. Find out if apart from what you already want, they also have any specials. At the end, you will need to give your name, telephone number, address, and your order (if opting for delivery). It is just that very simple. You should also give special instructions if your address is not easy to be found, especially if you live in an apartment building.
  • Delivery Or Pick-Up: When you call in for your pizza from any of the pizza places near me, you have the option of either having your order delivered at your door or having same picked up. In deliveries, it is important you know that you might be charged additional fee to cover the delivery charges, plus the customary tip you give to the delivery guy (usually young boys). If on the other hand, you are looking for an excuse to step out, then you can opt to pick your order yourself.
  • Determine Mode Of Payment: Prior to the delivery of your pizza, you should be able to determine mode of payment. While most pizza places accept cash payment, some offer card payments. Whichever option applies, it is important you are ready by the time the delivery guy arrives your doorstep. It would not be proper to keep him waiting.
  • Offer Tips: If you are within the US and looking for pizza places near me, pizza delivery tip is usually within the range of 15% of the total order place. For especially large orders or in situations where the weather was extremely bad, you can slightly increase the order to cover the risks and inconveniences. It’s all up to you but seeing that smile of gratitude on a delivery guy’s face is very satisfying.

With the ability to search for pizza places near me with your mobile device, calling in or placing orders for pizza has become easier and quicker. Go ahead and search for nearby places right away and get munching – on your pizza of course.

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