Mcdonalds Near Me – Tips To Ensure You Have The Best Experience

McDonalds has come to stay and one of the quick go-to for those who need meals on the go. To help you make the most of ordering fast food from a Mcdonalds near me, here are some tips you should take time to analyze. They are as follows:

  • Order During Peak Hours: This is especially if you want to be certain of having fresh food delivered to you. If you are eating in or picking up yourself, the number of cars in the drive-through and number of people in the lobby will tell you if it is rush hour or not. The more people there are, the chances that your food will be very fresh, especially your burger and chips.
  • Decide On What You Want Before Hand: Before you approach the register clerk after your search for Mcdonalds near me has yielded results, you should take a decision on what you really want to order. When you are there, go straight to the point and be as specific as possible. This way, you can be sure of not experiencing any mix-ups that might delay the preparation of your order.
  • Know When To Make Special Requests: If for example, you like your chips without salt, it is better to place such order when there is lesser crowd at the eatery. During peak hour, your order and that of other people might have to be delayed because it will require the frying area to be completely cleaned out so that no salt will get into your chips.
  • Know The Etiquettes Of Drive Through: The drive-through of any of the fast food places or the Mcdonalds near me is for quick service and as such, you need to be audible enough for your orders to be clearly noted and served. Where you are not driving, let the driver do the talking since he or she is closest to the attendant.
  • Put The Phone Down: Making phone calls while telling the cashier what you need can be confusing and frustrating. Put the phone down and let them take your order before you continue with your phone conversation. This way, you will get better service and the waiter or cashier will be happy with you.

To make the most of your Mcdonalds near me, ensure you put these tips and many more to practice. This way, you don’t cause delays for yourself, the workers, and other customers.

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