I often look at the mirror and think, “my eyebrows are not even,” or “I’m going to have another bad-eyebrow-day.” It is frustrating to have uneven or bushy eyebrows. Tweezing the brow by ourselves sometimes make it worse. A friend of mine suggested me doing eyebrow threading. At first, I thought “what is eyebrow threading?” and “where can I find eyebrow threading near me?”

About Eyebrow Threading

Originated from India, eyebrow threading is now very famous all over the world. It is also called as khite or fatlah (Arabic words for threading). The purpose of eyebrow threading is basically shaping your eyebrow. It can also raise the arch of your eyebrow.

It uses two pieces of thread which is usually made of cotton. The thread works as a mini lasso. It will be twisted and pull the unwanted hair out of the follicle. Eyebrow threading is usually started from the middle of your two eyebrows. The beautician who does the eyebrow threading will then continue to remove extra growth of your brow at the top and bottom.

Waxing or Plucking or Threading

Eyebrow waxing is one of the most common ways of unwanted hair removal. However, it is costly and uses chemicals. Though it is fast, it is not safe for your health. Worse, some irresponsible spas and salons do double dip in the wax. It can also cause irritations and reactions if your skin is sensitive. Besides, it is expensive particularly when you need to repeat waxing your eyebrow every month.

While when you pluck your brow, you will spend hours holding the pain. The beautician should pluck the unwanted hair one by one using tweezers. It hurts, and we do not want to spend our whole day sitting in the salon having our brow plucked, do we?

Eyebrow threading is less expensive than waxing. It does not use costly chemicals, which also means safer for you. Though, you still need to hold the pain for a while when the thread pulls your unwanted hair. The good thing is it is faster than eyebrow plucking, so the pain is over faster too. It usually takes only 5 to 10 minutes doing both eyebrows. Moreover, it is more hygiene. Nothing but the thread will touch you. The fact that the used thread cannot be used for the second time ensures you to get new thread every time you do eyebrow threading. In shaping your eyebrow, it also removes even the extra fine of hair. Your eyebrow will look natural and neat. Normally, you need to repeat doing eyebrow threading every 3 to 4 weeks, or after the hair regrow for about sixteen inches.

Eyebrow Threading near Me

Eyebrow threading should be done correctly, unless the hair will break and regrow more quickly. You have to choose professional beautician or someone who is well-skilled to do your eyebrow threading. To find eyebrow threading near you, you can try to check spas or salons near you if they have the eyebrow threading service. You might find it in spas or salons in your nearest malls too.

Let’s do some creative ways to find eyebrow threading near you. Go to the web, and search for « eyebrow threading near me » or « brow bar near me ». Brow bars are specially designed to help you shaping eyebrows. They normally offer several services related to eyebrow, including eyebrow threading. However, if you cannot find any, some eyebrow threading experts might live around you.

Sometimes, you can find eyebrow threading near you in ethnic markets too. As it is originated from India, try Middle Eastern or Indian stores or markets. You might find lots of women who provide you eyebrow threading service. If they are not skilled doing eyebrow threading, ask them to recommend you the place or person who can do it for you. After you find the place or person who can give you eyebrow threading service, you only need to call them to confirm and make an appointment.

The First Eyebrow Threading

It is exciting to get the first eyebrow threading. Here are some tips for you. First, do not put any eye make up. Sometimes you will need to pull your eyelids in opposing direction. It will make the beautician easier to work on your eyebrow. Second, provide paper handkerchief. Do not be surprised if you sneeze or have eye-watering in the middle of threading. It is not because of the pain, but a natural reaction of your body for the activity around your eyes. Third, do not expect the beautician ask what you want. They assume that everyone goes for eyebrow threading has one purpose: to shape the brow. Tell the beautician if you have specific request, like raising your arches.

When it is done, check the result carefully. If you are not 100% happy with it, tell and ask them to work on it again. At the end, some spas and salons will offer several extra services, such as Aloe Vera gel or massage. Say yes to them if you want. Aloe Vera gel is very comforting and will reduce the redness you have after eyebrow threading. Last but not least, when the hair is pulled out during the eyebrow threading, the pores left open, so avoid putting make ups around your brow.

Eyebrow Threading