How to choose a reliable dry cleaner for me?

You have your wedding dress or fancy suit and want to dry clean them? But you keep asking yourself, “How to choose a reliable dry cleaner for me?”  Everyone wants to be assured that their dry cleaners are trusted. Everyone wants their clothes spotless and neat after they are dry cleaned. There are some steps to help you decide whether the dry cleaner is for you:


It will be good if you have time to ask your relatives or friends about dry cleaners. They might have some recommended dry cleaners for you. You can also ask them what service is good and what is not so good.

After you get some names of dry cleaners, you might want to check it again online. It is not that you do not trust your relatives or friends, but having second or third opinions will help more. While you are searching the dry cleaner online, you will find customers’ reviews. You can make a list how many customers are satisfied. If most of the reviews are positive, it is a good sign. You can ensure yourself by making a quick visit to that dry cleaner.

Cleanliness of the storefront

The time you get there, you have to give score to the visible one: the storefront. This will be your very first impression of the dry cleaner. The storefront is representative of the whole business. If you see a dirty storefront, do not ever hope for clean laundry; and vice versa. Besides, you don’t want your newly cleaned clothes pass over the dirty counter, do you? So if your first impression says it will not be a good cleaner, leave and find a better and cleaner one.

Knowledgeable Staffs

There, at the front store, you will also see the front officers or staffs. Interact with them. You can learn a lot about the business by simply talking to them. You can ask general questions, like whether your garments need to be dry-cleaned or how often dry cleaning is needed. If they cannot answer your questions, you might want to find another dry cleaner.

You can also check whether the staff is resourceful by asking them to dry clean one or two of your less expensive items to try the service. Does the staff take notes of your special requests? Can they explain how to clean the stain in you less expensive clothes? Then, when you get your items back, are they clean, spotless, and neat? If so, you can continue dry cleaning your clothes there.


Leaving your clothes with the dry cleaner, you have to know the time to pick up. Dry cleaners usually give receipt with the specific time you should pick up your clothes written on it. Your clothes should be ready at the time stated. With your trial items before, you can check if they are on time. Further, your newly cleaned clothes should be pressed appropriately, and appear neat and spotless.

Customer satisfaction should be supported with replacement policy or money back guarantee. If they mess up your items, will they give you any refund? It is usually stated on the receipt in small letters. Make sure you read them through carefully. And keep your receipt until you get your items back neat with no stain as you wish.


Last but not least, you have to consider the cost. If you think the cheapest dry cleaner is better, you might want to think again. Cheap dry cleaners usually do not emphasize on the quality. They will try to reduce their expense so they can give you low-priced service. However, you will find exclusive dry cleaners are too costly.

There is another type of dry cleaner: the ‘green’ dry cleaners. They often offer you with environmentally friendly service. They use less chemical cleaners, which will be good also for your garments. ‘Green’ dry cleaners also can cause you less skin irritation due to the use of chemicals. They will cost you more, and also give you more on the quality.

You can consider the budget yourself. Which is more important for you, the low-cost service or the quality?

After passing those steps, you can now decide. Think about your specific wants and needs to choose your trustworthy dry cleaner. Do not feel that you have to agree with your relatives’ or friends’ recommendation. If you feel unsatisfied with one dry cleaner, try another one.

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