How to Find the Best Coffee Shops Near Me

Whether you are traveling or staying close to home, you may ask yourself how to find the best coffee shops near you.  Discovering the very best depends on what you are looking for.  Do you want menu variety, free Wi-Fi, or the best espresso around?  Do you love local art, poetry or music with your coffee? When you take the time to ask yourself, “What are the best coffee shops near me now? » and do some investigating, you are sure to get what you are looking for every time.

Why Coffee Shops?

People have been brewing coffee and meeting up in designated locations for centuries.  Coffee shops, or coffee houses as they are sometimes called, started appearing in Africa in the ninth century. They quickly spread to the Middle East and Asia as trade grew, and by the late 1600’s coffee houses could be found all over Europe.  Coffee, like many other kinds of drinks, has a decidedly social aspect to it.  As such, coffee houses used to be the best places to discuss new ideas in years past.  This social aspect has endured to this day.  People still meet at coffee shops, though mostly for different reasons.

What Every Good Coffee Shop Should Have

The best coffee shops in the world are probably very different from one another, but they will all have a few things in common.  These establishments are well planned by their owners, who have carefully selected their locations, products and employees.  They will have free Wi-Fi, the tastiest coffees and teas, and excellent food.  The top stores will also offer an escape, whether it be from a stressful office or a frantic home.  There should be comfortable couches or chairs, ample table space, and a homey, welcoming atmosphere.  The best coffee places will also know that less is more. Sometimes offering a wider variety opens a wider margin of error.  The best coffee shops near you will know that doing fewer things well is preferable to a mediocre variety.

Finding Coffee Shops Near Me

The first step to finding the best coffee shops near you is to start digging.  Ask locals about their favorite places to frequent, perform an internet search for « coffee shops near me », or download an app that finds coffee shops for you based on your location.  Read reviews and visit websites to find the most popular and highest rated places in town.  Keep in mind that the most popular places may not suit all your needs, so it is important to dig deeper.  Another way to find the best coffee shops near you is to just keep an eye out while walking or driving around.  Not all great coffee shops near you will be easy to find.  You’ll unearth some of the finest gems tucked away in the strangest of places.

What Kinds of Coffee Shops Near Me are Best?

Finding the best coffee shops near you requires you find one to suit your current needs.  Do you need of a quick caffeine fix, or want to know exactly what you’re getting?  Then the best place for you might be a large chain.  Are you looking for decent coffee and a place to set up to work for the day? Search for an internet cafe with free Wi-Fi and plenty of table space. Do you crave the latest coffee concoctions, the coolest music, and work form local artists? Then the local hipster joint could be for you. Looking for a snack or meal with your coffee?  Check out local cafes and bistros.  Or are you seeking the finest local roasts or organic and sustainable beans?  If you seek out coffee shops near you that suits your specific needs, there is less chance of disappointment in your choice.

Narrowing it Down

Once you have your list of potentials, you will need to narrow your search criteria. Sites and apps like Find Me Coffee allow you to search based on criteria like Wi-Fi, fair trade or organic products, and seating and parking options.  You can also read reviews to see what previous customers thought before you decide to check it out.  You probably won’t have time to sift through all the places you’ll find by searching online, so it’s important to know what you’re looking for.  Also, consider the operating hours of any coffee shop nearby you might want to visit.  If you have even shown up hungry to a restaurant that is about to close, you know the disappointment that can bring.

Give Them a Try

When you decide what kind of coffee shop you want to frequent, the next step is to locate and visit the places that meet your requirements.  Go into each of the coffee shops near you to buy a test cup and check things out.  Go to each more than once at different times of day too.  Different employees may be better than others, or you might have gotten the last bitter cup of an old pot of coffee.  Truly getting the best will take effort on your part.  Try not to get your drink and leave.  Have a seat and hang out, chat up the barista or another customer and relax for a while to get a sense of what the place is all about.  Ask questions about specific products, or ask for a beverage recommendation.  Employees and regulars will be able to tell you what’s great about the place, and engaging them will make you feel more at home.

Pick Your Winners

Now that you have located and sampled the best coffee shops the area has to offer, it’s time to make your decisions.  Remember that tastes differ, so what you consider to be « the best coffee shops near me, » may not be what everyone considers to be the best, and that is fine.  However, some things will hold true about the very best of the best.  Not only will a superior establishment offer a great tasting cup of coffee or expertly prepared espresso, it will make you feel welcome and at home.  The best places to get coffee have friendly and knowledgeable staff who know your drink and start making it before you order.  Know what you expect from a coffee shop and choose wisely, and you are sure to find the best every time.

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